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Wellness Foot Spa

WELCOME TO WELLNESS FOOT SPA. we are glad to have you here! Visit our store in Chicago and start your luxury massage treatment today.


Wellness Foot Spa


1713 North Clybourn Avenue
Chicago Illinois 60614



In 2022, the WELLNESS FEET SPA opened its doors with a goal of providing a safe environment for massages in Chicago. We want to provide an exceptional experience for our customers. It's not about racing to build a reputation and legacy of being the best. It's about creating a relaxing atmosphere that we can be proud of every day. We are humbled and grateful for the opportunity to open our door each day and give back to our communities. We strive to provide the best service and the most zen atmosphere.


About Chicago

Chicago ( (listen) shih-KAH-goh, locally also shih-KAW-goh; Miami-Illinois: Shikaakwa; Ojibwe: Zhigaagong) is the most populous city in the U.S. state of Illinois and the third-most populous in the United States after New York City and Los Angeles. With a population of 2,746,388 in the 2020 census, it is also the most populous city in the Midwest. As the seat of Cook County, the second-most populous county in the U.S., Chicago is the center of the Chicago metropolitan area, the 39th-largest city in the world as of 2018. On the shore of Lake Michigan, Chicago was incorporated as a city in 1837 near a portage between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River watershed. It grew rapidly in the mid-19th century; by 1860, Chicago was the youngest U.S. city to exceed a population of 100,000.



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